Norges beste på mote og skjønnhet: STYLISTA - COSTUME - STELLA


I haven't taken a lot of pics here at all, mostly just a bunch of photos of my darling little nephew. He can't pronounce my name yet, so my new name according to him is 'Tine'. I love it! Yesterday I actually put on makeup for the first time here though, as we were invited for lunch at some fab family members' new place. Here's a few snapshots..

I was wearing all white as I've been wearing all summer long, hah.

The two big loves of my life..

Before lunch we got to check out the super stylish new urban farm shop Le Petite Country Shop which you can find at Strai in Kristiansand, where I have a lot of family. My mom's cousin and his girlfriend are so creative and inspiring, and in their store they sell their own brand of silk scarfs with artprints and gorgeous handmade pillows, just to name a few. You should definitely check it out if you're ever in the area! 

Today is actually our last day here, and I'm gonna enjoy it to the fullest. I don't want to go home at all, I want to stay here forever!! Have a great day you guys♥

Summer Paradise

Hi lovelies! I can't even explain to you what a fantastic time I'm having these days.. All the posts that have come up here since Saturday have been prewritten, and I actually haven't opened my computer even once before now. I haven't worn makeup, or even looked in the mirror.. It's been such a needed and amazing break, which has done me so much good. All we've done is jump in the ocean, eat tons of yummy food, worked out, eaten some more yummy food, then repeat. 

Our summer house in Kristiansand.. My favorite place on earth, for sure!!

My view every day.. Amazing!

Oh, I forgot to mention fishing. I absolutely love fishing, and I must have spent hours doing it, with absolutely no result. Not one single fish, bah. 

I'm here with almost my whole family, which I love. My brother-in-law, Thomas, took this picture last night of the summer house by night. Such a great shot, don't you think?

Luckily we still have a few more days here before we have to go home. I wish I could have stayed for the rest of the year!! Now we're off for another fishing trip, but I'll try to answer all the comments you've left me the past couple of days before bed later♥

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