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Something Sweet On Top

White top: Here // Peach top: Here // Necklace: Here (adlinks)

A must in my summer wardrobe is simple yet cute tops, that work with both skirts, shorts, jeans and whatever I might wear. These adorable little peplum tops have already been worn so much, they are so pretty! I love that they look pretty dressed up, but at the same time they're just as comfy as a tank top. I just wanted to share these with you, I highly recommend them!

Other than that, my boyfriend and I have had the most productive day. It wasn't even planned, but we've both been running around like Duracell rabbits doing everything we've postponed and procrastinated for too long. Everything from cleaning the carpets to giving Bella a thorough fur wash to gardening - we've done it all! We celebrated our productive day with a heavenly barbeque in the shining sun, and now I'm off for a powerwalk. Normally I like to do my powerwalks in the mornings, but it's just way too hot during the day. I can't even stand outside for three minutes without breaking a sweat, it's so hot!! I'm not complaining though, it's just so weird that we suddenly have this tropical weather in Bergen. I hope you've all had a great day♥

White + Blue

Denim shirt: Rails // Skirt: Topshop // Bag: MOO // Sandals: Here (adlink)

 Hi lovelies, and happy new week! During summer I don't even know which day it is most of the time, but after scrolling down my Instagram feed and seeing all the quotes about how Mondays require extra coffee and what not, I figure it must be the first day of the week. I don't mind at all though, because I've been looking forward to this week for so long. On Saturday we're off for Kristiansand to enjoy a week at my family's summer house, which is always the highlight of the summer for me. Or, scratch that, the highlight of the year!

This is yesterday's look, I love my new denim shirt so much. I'm sorry if my blog is a bit slow right now by the way, I'm simply enjoying life, love, summer, friendships and the amazing weather so much. It feels nice to be in somewhat of a vacation mode, even though I'm still updating my blog. I hope you don't mind that I'm doing 1-2 posts a day, in stead of 2-3 like I usually do. I hope you're all enjoying summer as muh as I am♥

Dinner With a View

Hi lovelies! I must admit, I rolled out of bed not too long ago. Last night was so much fun, even though I only remember parts of the evening, hah. The parts that I do remember were fabulous though, like dinner with Helene. Her view over Bergen is so gorgeous! 

This setting was so magical..

After dinner we headed to a summer party at a friend's house, which was tons of fun. I'm definitely paying for it today, but it was well worth it. Now I'm ready to kick my hangover in a bikini outside while getting a tan. The sun is actually really strong here in Bergen, I only layed out for an hour yesterday and I got such a defined tan line! I hope you're all enjoying the weekend♥

Relaxation Mode

This weekend I'm in complete relaxation mode, and I hope I'm not the only one! These amazing mid-summer days need to be enjoyed to the fullest, because before we know it fall is here with its darker days, storms and pouring rain. Outside my window it's like 30 degrees, so I'm gonna spend the rest of the afternoon outside in a bikini with a good book in my hands, and later it's time for some fun with my friend Helene.

Enjoy the weekend lovelies♥

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