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Hi lovelies! I'm off for a sleepover at my bestie Amalie's house, and we have a yummy stake dinner and a movie night in on the menu. Can't wait! The weather is so horrible nowadays, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share my latest looks with you guys, now that shooting new outfits is almost impossible. I didn't realize until now that I've worn my new fave bag on almost all of the pictures, haha. Well, it just means that I really really love it. You can find it here, I can't recommend it enough! Now I'm curious to hear which of my latest looks you like the best? My favorite is definitely the all white one, number 1.

cathinthecity latest looks fashion blog outfit cathrine heienberg

It's All About Chanel

cathinthecity chanel iPhone case fashion blog cathrine heienberg

cathinthecity chanel iPhone case fashion blog cathrine heienberg

Hi superstars! Sorry for the late update today, to be honest with you I rolled out of bed not too long ago. After class yesterday I had planned to go home, take a long evening walk and go to bed early. I've been asked to go out with the people I go to school with so many times, but I always have an early trip the next day or an overwhelming workload, so I always say no. Yesterday I just thought 'Fuck it, I'm in'. Going out on Tuesdays is part of being a student these days, isn't it? Hah. I had the best night, and I can't even remember the last time I had so much fun going out. It's always fun at the pre-party, but after we hit the club it's just downhill from there. Well, not yesterday, so I'm so glad I went!

Well, anywho! How cool is my new iPhone case? I'm so in love with it. It comes with a long chain too, exactly the same as the chain on my Chanel bag. I found it at Etsy, that site has too many pretty things. Now I'm gonna take a long walk in the crisp fall air to kick the hangover, then studying is on the menu before a sleepover at Amalie's tonight. Have a great day you guys♥

A Girly Wishlist

1: Here / 2: Here / 3: Here / 4: Here / 5: Here / 6: Here / 7: Here / 8: Here / 9: Here / 10: Here / 11: Here / 12: Here  (adlinks)

Checking my favorite online stores during fall is so dangerous, as fall fashion is my absolute favorite season and I love pretty much everything. Here are my current favorites though, so many gorgeous girly pieces! Number 6 is already ordered, I'm such a sucker for lace. I'm also thinking about starting dress shopping for the xmas party season early, which one of the party dresses do you like best?♥

Decisions Decisions


Good morning sweetiepies! I'm off to school in a sec, and I got up a whoppin' three hours before I had to, just to enjoy a long and relaxing morning like I tipsed you about in this post. I made a yummy breakfast and enjoyed it while reading through my favorite blogs with 'Sex and The City' on in the background. Heaven!! Now I have school until 5pm, and at the moment I'm trying to figure out which glasses I should bring to class. Which one is your favorite? 

cathinthecity specsavers glasses fashion blog cathrine heienberg

From Bruuns Bazar

cathinthecity specsavers glasses fashion blog cathrine heienberg

From Karl Lagerfeld

cathinthecity specsavers glasses fashion blog cathrine heienberg

From Osiris

cathinthecity specsavers glasses fashion blog cathrine heienberg

All the glasses can be found at Specsavers. I'm excited to hear which pair you like the best. Have a lovely day you guys♥

A Pop Of Leopard

cathinthecity outfit fashion blog leopard london 2014 cathrine heienberg

cathinthecity outfit fashion blog leopard london 2014 cathrine heienberg

cathinthecity outfit fashion blog leopard london 2014 cathrine heienberg

cathinthecity outfit fashion blog leopard london 2014 cathrine heienberg

Sunnies: River Island // Sweater: Topshop // Bag: Nelly // Skirt: H&M Trend // Boots: River Island

The fall weather is at its worst these days. Rain, rain and more rain, which makes it impossible to take good outfit pictures. So I thought I'd share my last look from London with you guys, even though I wasn't planning on blogging these as I was majorly hungover at the time and not exactly feeling fresh. Oh well, here they are!

Other than that my Monday mood has been as grey as the sky outside, without any good reason. Luckily I have lots of fun stuff planned for later this the week, like a sleepover with my bestie, a date night with my boyfriend (we're going to the Dagfinn Lyngbø show, can't wait), and this weekend my bestie Tonje comes home so I finally get to see her! So right now I'm just focusing on that, I hate it when I'm not motivated and full of energy on Mondays!! Now it's time for dinner and a movie with my man, I'm making tacos and his job is to pick a movie. He is so picky, and refuses to see anything with a lower score than 8 on IMDB, haha. So if you have any good movie tips for us, I would greatly appreciate it♥

8 Favorite Fashion Blogs

 I love looking through fashion blogs, and since you're already reading this, I have a feeling that you like to read blogs too. I thought I'd share my top eight international fashion blogs, as I guess a lot of you already read the same Norwegian blogs as I do. Maybe you'll find a new favorite? Here's my favorites, in a radnom order. 

Natasha Oakley

Natasha is incredibly cute, has the prettiest smile, gorgeous pictures and a really girly sense of style. She doesn't update her blog very frequently, but when she does, she does it with a bang! Bang meaning photos that take your breath away..


Angelica Blick

I guess a lot of you already read Angelica's blog, which is one of my all time favorites. That girl is just unbeatable when it comes to pictures, outfits, creativity and of course her angelic look. A big plus is that in person she is the nicest and most humble person you'll ever meet. No diva behavior, which I've seen with other international top bloggers.. Love her! 


Tuula Vintage

Tuula travels the world, and takes the most incredible pictures from her various destinations. Plus, she looks smashing and has such a great sense of style. 


Sincerely Jules

Jules has a casually cool California-girl style, but still super fashionable and on point in every single picture. Love to scroll through her blog for inspiration!


Rocky Barnes

Rocky is huge on Instagram, but I don't know if her blog has very many followers. Well, it should have. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she has amazing pictures and a very boho chic sense of style. 



Kayture is super professional, and every single outfit post looks like an editorial from a magazine. She has the cutest face, the prettiest skin and eyes, and her style is so girly and fun.


Victoria Törnegren

Victoria's style is very 'black, white and denim', and I love that she stays true to that in every outfit post. Her outfit pictures are great, and she's just such a sweet girl.


Song of Style

An old favorite that I must admit I don't visit very often, but I love her Instagram though. When I do visit her blog, however, I end up scrolling page up and page down for ages. She is so cute!! 

What are your favorite fashion blogs? Or maybe you're a fashion blogger yourself? Leave the link to your own or your favorite blogin the comments. I would love to check out some new ones♥


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