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Draped Perfection + Discount Code


Hi loves♥ I have two wonderful news to share with you guys. Number one; My amazing draped perfection dress is back in stock, and all sizes are available!! I've gotten so many emails asking me if I could please sell this dress as it sold out almost immediately, and now it's back! YAY. Number two; You can get it 20% off today. DOUBLE-YAY! 

You can find the dress HERE♥ The original price is only 299kr, and if you use the Black Friday discount code, you'll get an additional 20% off!  Last time it sold out sooo quickly, so I wouldn't wait if I were you. 

Here are some other favorites of mine. Jeez, too many pretty things! As always, I want it all and nothing less.. The discount code can of course be used on these pieces as well♥

1: Here / 2: Here / 3: Here / 4: Here / 5: Here / 6: Here / 7: Here / 8: Here / 9: Here / 10: Here / 11: Here / 12: Here / 13: Here / 14: Here

♥ Happy shopping ♥

My Best Study Tips

Hi lovelies! Today I thought I'd share some of my best study tips, as several of you have asked me and I love to make posts that I know are wanted by you guys. I of course just started studying this semester, so I'm absolutely no expert, but I thought I'd share some either way. I hope you find them useful, and feel free to add any tips of your own in the comments♥

  • Visualize your own success – know your goals

Like with everything else in life, I think it’s incredibly important to have a clear view on what your goals are, and always keep them in the back of your mind. Your goal doesn’t have to be to get straight A’s, they should be somewhat realistic. What is the best possible grade you think you could get if you work hard enough? In some classes it might be an A, and in other classes your goal might be to simply not fail the class.

When you know your goal, start visualizing yourself reaching that goal. If your goal is to get an A, visualize yourself receiving that A, calling your friends telling them about how well you did, posting it on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat, whatever! ‘Act as if’ – In your head you’ve already gotten that A. It’s all about mental training, and if you visualize yourself getting the best grade in your head enough, your actions will follow. You’ll get more motivation to study, and you’ll make decisions that will make you reach your goal easier. Should you go out partying this weekend when your exam is next week? Well, no, because you’re getting an A. Do you get where I’m going with this? I use this mental training in so much of what I do, and for me it really helps for my motivation. I visualize myself reaching my goals, think about the amazing feeling of proudness and achievement that would give me, and suddenly it’s so much easier to sit down with the books and work towards reaching my goal. 


  • Structure/Planning

Another important thing is a good plan, and stick to it! It can be both long-term and short-term plans. Before the semester starts, set up a week-by-week plan of what you need to get done in order to do well, and follow it! If you fail one week, work twice as hard the week after to make up for it. I’m not super good at this, but I will definitely try to do it next semester which is going to be more challenging than this one.

The short-term planning I have totally under control though, especially the day-by-day planning. In the mornings I look at what needs to get done, make a reading plan for the day, and stick to it. It can be reading 50 pages before I allow myself a break for lunch, checking Instagram and all the things us girls love to do, then read 20 more pages before working on old exams for an hour. It’s so much easier to get through if you have a plan.


  • Find out what works for you

Most of the people I’ve talked to have been like ‘I need to sit at school and read, I can’t focus even a second at home’. I think this is the most normal thing, but for me, I definitely concentrate best in the peace and quiet of my own home. I’ve always been like that, and I still am, without really knowing why. The point is that when you find out what works for you; Do that! If sitting at school is what works, do that as much as you can. For me, it’s all about making a relaxing atmosphere around the dining room table, and I’m good to go. I’ll make sure the house is clean, and that everything that’s on my mind is done so that I can focus 100% on school. Every day there’s an email (or ten) that I need to answer, a blog post that I need to make,  a text I need to reply to or stuff like that, so I make sure to do all of that before sitting down with the books. Then I can sit for hours and hours.


  • Focus!! No phone/computer while studying

This one should be a given. When you’re studying – FOCUS! No Snapchtting, no checking Instagram.. If you’re focused you can get through the reading list so much faster than if you’re constantly checking your phone and loose your concentration. There’s different apps that you can use if you struggle with keeping your hands off your phone, where you can make apps like Facebook and Instagram unavailable for a certain period of time. For me, it’s enough to put my phone in night mode, and put it out of reach.


  • Eat, sleep, work out

Also a given; What you eat, how you sleep and if you exercise is crucial to how well you do when studying. Avoid sugar and anything that messes up your blood sugar, eat filling and healthy food and make sure to have healthy snacks available. Try to go to bed at the same time every night, and wake up at the same time every morning, and always get 8 hours of sleep. Hit the gym or just take a long walk to refresh your mind.

I always eat a healthy breakfast before hitting the books, and there are some things I need to have by my side while studying; Coffee and Pepsi Max. I’m so addicted! If I have those things available next to me, I focus so much better, hah. For you it might be having fresh berries and water (which sounds so much healthier).


  • Discuss

This is a tip that a lot of you readers gave me after I started studying, and it’s a great one! Find someone in your class that is at the same level as you, and discuss what you’ve read and what you’ve learned. Maybe she/he has learned something you missed? Plus, I think it’s so helpful to explain something to someone. If I teach someone how to solve this or that equation, I remember it so much better myself.

I’ve actually sat down with my dad a couple of times and done previous given exams with him, and I explain to him why this or that is the right answer to the question. He already knows as he has a similar education and is the smartest man on the planet, but he listens to my explanation and that makes me remember it so much better. 


  • Remember to have fun

Don’t make your life all about school! Remember to do things that give you fresh energy, happiness and that make you forget all about school. For me, that is spending time with my friends. Talking, laughing, making a yummy dinner, find out what’s up with them and listen to funny stories from their days is just what I need to rewind. I also really like the balancing act of blogging and studying, even though it can be stressful at times. Blogging takes my mind off school which is a good thing, because then I have fresh energy school-wise when I return to the books.


  • Don’t give up to soon

One thing I’ve really noticed the past month, is how important it is not to give up too soon! You should’ve seen me in the first classes, I was like a walking question mark. I looked at equations and listened to the facts, and thought to myself ‘no way in hell am I ever going to learn this’. Then suddenly something clicks, and you get a whole new perspective on things. Everything suddenly starts to make sense, and you just giggle at your former self who didn’t understand this super logical equation. 

My 'Selected By Cath' campaign photos for Specsavers. Wearing glasses from Cheap Monday and Osiris♥

Today's Details

Hi loves! Just a quick little update from me before I continue my Scandal marathon and head to bed. I seriously can't take any pain without feeling extremely sorry for myself, so now with the whole brutal vase-attack that almost broke my hand I'm just super depressed with the whole situation, hah. At the same time I feel like such an idiot, as a painful thumb and wrist is my worst problem at the moment, which really is absolutely nothing to feel sorry about. I have actually managed to be extremely productive with work, school and errands today though, so now I'm gonna give myself a break before bed to complain about my hand (my man is going crazy listening to me, haha), and watch Scandal which I'm so obsessed with. A little tips for my fellow studens; Don't get addicted to any new shows the week before your exam! 

The details of the day was a messy bun (the messier the better in my opinion), and my new pretty earrings from Glitter. Other than that, my outfit was super boring and nothing blog-worthy. Now more self-pity, complaining and Scandal is up! Nighty night sweets♥

Avène Skincare Products + Giveaway


Now that it's only getting colder and colder outside, I've had to do some changes in my skincare routine. The cold weather can be so damaging to your skin, so I find it so important to be proactive and protect the skin from the cold. And of course add lots of moisture and hydration to keep my skin fresh and glowy. During the last month I've tested some new skincare products from the french brand Avène, and I couldn't be happier! 

All the products are based on thermal spring water, which is incredbily hydrating to the skin. All the products are paraben free, that's a good sign right there. The products are so gentle and kind to the skin, and I've noticed a great improvement in my skin's moisture and hydration level after using these products for the last four weeks. These are my favorites of the bunch♥

The Rich Compensating Cream is the perfect daily dose of moisture for my skin. It revitalizes dull skin by increasing the skin's hydration and reduces dryness, in addition to adding protection and tons of nourishment. The Cold Cream for the Hands is a big must-have before I leave the house, to ensure that my hands stay soft as a baby's bottom all day, and protect my hands from the cold weather. The Soothing Moisture Mask has become a weekly rituale for me. I apply it twice a week. It's creamy and so delightful to have on, and provides intensive soothing care to dehydrated and stressed skin. You can sleep with it on, and it will work miracles on your skin. I can't recommend this enough! The Soothing Contour Eyecream is also a big must for me, as I have such sensitive under-eye skin. This cream protects my under-eye area, and I wake up looking so fresh after sleeping with this one on. Normally I'll wake up with super swollen eyes, but this one just keeps the skin in balance somehow. Big thumbs up! But my absolute favorite product on the bunch is the Thermal Spring Water face spray.. 

This spray has become such a must-have for me! It's moisturizing and calming on the skin, reduces redness and leaves my skin looking super fresh. I aways apply this after rinsing my skin, before putting on moisturizer, both day and night. In addition to being a part of my morning and night routine, it's always with me in my bag. I sit so much in front of the computer working, so I treat my skin to a little pick-me-up by spraying the Thermal Spring Water Spray on my face every hour. LOVE THIS!! 

Exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells, and filling up on moisture, is super important to me. You guys know how much I love a good home-spa session, and twice a week I use this combo. I couldn't be happier with them! The scrub is gentle, which is very important. During winter the skin becomes so sensitive, so you don't want to overdo it and break your skin's natural balance, break blood vessels etc. This scrub is perfectly purifying and removes dead skin cells without damaging the skin. The Soothing Moisture Mask I've already told you about. Is there anything better than putting your hair up in a bun, put on a creamy face mask and relax with an episode of your favorite tv-show while letting the mask work its magic? I think not! 

I don't think I'll ever stop using the Rich Compensating Cream. J'adore♥

You can find Avène products in all pharmasies. You can also read more about Avènes skincare products here, and find Avène on Facebook here

Then, to the giveaway part! I got the pleasure of sharing some of these lovely products with you guys, which I think is so fun. Three lucky readers will recieve a goodiebag with these products! 

The Micellar Lotion is a cleanser for day and night time, Hydrance Optimale is a light weight daily moisturizing cream, the Soothing Eye Cream I've already told you about, and of course you'll get my favorite product; The Thermal Spring Water Spray.

All you need to do to be in the running for a goodiebag is to leave a comment on this post! Good luck sweeties♥

Out Of Order

Hi my loves! I'm writing to you with only one hand, as my other hand is completely useless at the moment. I'm such a clutz! Here's what happened; I keep vases on the top of my fridge, and while opening the fridge a few hours ago one of my heaviest vases suddenly fell to the floor, with a detour over my hand. It hit the bone between my thumb and my wrist, and I have no idea if the bone is broken or not. All I know is that it's extremely painful, and within seconds my hand was suddenly all blue, swollen and with the biggest bump where the vase hit my hand. It hurts so freakin' badly, so I might end up at the emergency room tonight. I thought I'd see if the swelling goes down first. So I'm officially out of order, and I obviously feel extremely sorry for myself, hah.

As I can't use my left hand, taking pictures isn't really possible, so I thought I'd share a few snapshots from my black and white folder instead. I love black and white pictures, it's something so clean and magical about them. I always save my favorite pics in black and white, even though you mostly see the colored ones on the blog. Now I'm gonna continue icing down my hand, and throw out the vase that so brutally attacked me. I'll never be able to look at it again without wanting to smash it, so it has to go, hah. I hope you've all had a great day♥

Morning Routine

"Going through Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram in the morning when you wake up as if it was a newspaper"

cathithecity morning routine fashion blog cathrine heienberg

Wearing my new super soft robe..

Having coffee in bed..

cathithecity morning routine fashion blog cathrine heienberg

Avocado mash on toast for breakfast.. 

cathithecity morning routine fashion blog cathrine heienberg

Not having to stress with makeup because of my pretty lash extensions. Done by Hanne at Hanne's Hudpleie og Velvære. Reach her at 480 45 971. (sponsored) 

But a little beauty treatment is needed in the mornings still.. Rinsing, some moisture, powder, concealer, lipcolor, eyeliner and a splash of perfume and I'm all set.

cathithecity morning routine fashion blog cathrine heienberg

Jump in some comfy clothes, glasses on (from Bruuns Bazar/Specsavers) and a pout, and I'm ready for the day! 

cathithecity morning routine fashion blog cathrine heienberg

♥ Have a good one sweet people ♥

Wintery White


cathinthecity olympus fashion outfit blog cathrine heienberg

cathinthecity olympus fashion outfit blog cathrine heienberg

cathinthecity olympus fashion outfit blog cathrine heienberg

cathinthecity olympus fashion outfit blog cathrine heienberg

cathinthecity olympus fashion outfit blog cathrine heienberg

cathinthecity olympus fashion outfit blog cathrine heienberg

cathinthecity olympus fashion outfit blog cathrine heienberg

Jacket: Here // Scarf: H&M // Top: Asos // Skirt: H&M Trend // Camera: Olympus Pen Ep-L7

I'm matching my camera today! Totally normal, right? Haha. You see pictures every day taken with this camera here on the blog, so I thought it was about time to let the chic and retro design of the camera shine a little bit too. The camera, Olympus pen Ep-L7 is what I take most of my blog pictures with. The picture quality is just as good as my expensive and huge SLR camera, and it's so much easier to bring along to snap blog pics with. It's small, weighs like nothing and it seriously looks like a fashion accessory. It comes with 60 (!) different lenses, which is so great. No matter what you need your camera for, Olympus has the perfect lens for just that. I always use the 45mm lens for my outfit pictures (blurry background - hello), and the 14-42mm lens for other pictures as it includes so much in one picture, and the focus is so on point. I've told you about the other amazing qualities this camera has before, like the flip screen for selfies, wifi to connect the camera to your phone, and not to mention the super smart selftimer option where you can use your phone as a selftimer remote. I can't recommend this enough! Maybe something for your Xmas wishlist? 

Other than that, today's keyword outfit-wise is soft. The softest scarf I've ever had around my neck paired with the softest jacket, oh-so-comfortable! Now it's dinner time for me and my man, and I'm craving carbs! I think I'll end up making a pasta salad with pesto, that combinaton has been on my mind all day and I'm getting a watery mouth just thinking about it. I hope you've all had a super duper day♥


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