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Monday Mornings

Monday morning, a new week, a fresh start.. Are you guys ready? I'm super eager to get this week started, and the first thing on my to do-list is a class in market communication. I love that class, it's so interesting. After that I'll spend the rest of the day doing macroeconomics, as I skipped the class last week and I'm a bit behind. Tomorrow is another school day, and three days this week will be spent in Oslo which I'm so excited about. It's gonna be a good week, I can feel it!

Have a lovely start to the week everyone♥

New Woman


Starting this weekend with a treatment at WahWah has never been more needed! I don't like to complain on the blog, but I've had so much on my mind lately, felt so stressed and had one too many sleepless nights. Some of the things that keep me up at night won't make it to the blog, I don't really feel a need to 'air my dirty laundry' publicly. What I'll definitely share with you is that I've been so worried about combining school with the blog and different projects. I'm so glad I started school, but at the same time I'm getting more exciting opportunities now than ever. Opportunities which will be great to have on my CV, that are super relevant to the marketing degree I'm currently working on, and that I think seem so fun. 

I've been trying to figure out how I can combine classes and hours of studying every day, with blogging, traveling and all the projects I want to say yes to. In addition to that, Celin and I are still working on starting our own business, which is secret for now. I had a long talk with my mom, and realized that I can't do everything. Taking on too much is just setting yourself up to fail. Now I've decided to skip one of the classes at school and take the class at a later time, and say yes to the big projects I want to say yes to. In our generation there are so many young girls who push themselves way too hard, trying to be the best at school, the best cook, the best at the gym, the best at work and so on, and they end up completely burned out. Now that I've decided to skip one of the classes, I feel like so much weight is lifted off my shoulders. Now I can focus on doing the other classes really well, in stead of ending up being average in all of them. And I know that all the other things that's bothering me will be OK too, and I have to remind myself that worries are just a mis-use of imagination.

Okay, sorry for the mouth diharrea. My point was; with all the stress, alcohol, traveling, and nights with only and hour or two of sleep, my skin has totally changed. It's been so 'grey', with lots of impurities and absolutely no glow. So a treatment at WahWah felt so incredibly wonderful! An hour of luxurious pampering, peeling, moisturizing masks and not to mention an unbeatable massage did me so good. The treatment I took was fittingly called 'New Woman', and that's exactly what I felt like when I was done. After that appointment, I seriously feel like I have my old skin back. It's so much fresher now, the impurities are fading away and the glow is back. 

Haha, I just had to share this picture with you guys. I look so crazy! 

I also got a few products that I can use at home. These are strong products with active ingredients, so I'll just use them a couple of times a week so that it won't be too much for my skin. These really do work wonders on your skin, and can turn grey and tired-looking skin into a fresh and glowing complexion over night. I got a mild peeling for my sensitive skin (Soft Exfoliant Creme), and the Cosmeceutical Sebopur-Ceutic Cream is the one I'll use a couple of nights a week. 

Happy girlie after the best treatment..

I also got a mask which is perfect to use before events. It gives you an immediate lift and glow, and I'll definitely save this for my next big event. The Quick Cooling Mask is perfect for plane rides or if my eyes look extra tired one day. 

And this one I just had to buy. I spend so many hours in front of the computer every day, and all the radiation from the computer screen can really damage your skin over time. Now I splash the 'Lavender Recover Mist' in my face every time I feel a bit dry, and it sooths my skin perfectly. It can be used over makeup too, which is perfect. 

Now I'm gonna continue doing my boring accounting work for the rest of the day, before a new week starts tomorrow with classes, studying, traveling and a big event which I'll tell you about later. I'm so excited about next week, and I'm so glad I made the decision to ease the workload a bit with skipping the most boring class. Thanks for reading my over-sharing by the way, sometimes it just feels so good to write my thoughts down. And I bet I'm not the only one who thinks it can be a bit much sometimes, and feel bad if I realize that I can't do it all?♥

Silver + Grey

Coat: Modström // Shirt dress: BikBok // Necklace: Here (adlink) // Heels: Notion 1.3 // Bag: Zara

Good morning sweets! It was so nice to wake up with no hangover this morning. Today accounting work is on the menu for me, which is the most boring thing I know. It's so nice to just get it done though, and not have it hanging over me. This was my look for a date in the sun with Julia last week, and I wore my new Modstöm coat for the first time. Isn't it perfect? I know that Walk-In Closet Oslo have it, if you want to get your hands on it. Other than my pretty new coat, all I can look at at these pictures is my frizzy hair. It's been breaking so much lately, and no matter how much hair spray I apply those little hairs always stand straight up and to the sides. I hate it! If any of you have some good tips to cool down the frizzyness, please share! Now accounting work awaits, have a lovely day you guys♥

Årets Brillemodell

Hi lovelies! Sorry for the late update today, but I've had the worst day so far. As you know I started eating lowcarb again this week, and my body is so weird. I'm loosing so much water in my body, which leaves me feeling so dizzy and tired. That's just the first week though, so it's fine. But last night when my friend Annette was over for dinner, we of course ended up drinking lots of wine throughout the night while having the best time talking in the couch in our sweats. I was never drunk, but this morning when I woke up, I started throwing up so badly. It lasted for hours, and I was in no condition to blog, hah. Right now I feel much better. I've played with my nephiew, and I just did my friend Tonje's makeup for a party she's going to tonight. In a sec I'm off to spend the night with my family watching soccer and eating yummy food.

But anyway! I've totally forgotten to share pics from the super fun night out we had at the Årets Brillemodell finale in Oslo last week. I was there with my fellow Specsavers ambassadors and friends Ulrikke and Espen, and we had the best night. Kristina was greatly missed. This is how happy I was, I'm such a smileyface!

Siri Tollerød, who is the nicest girl, was a jury member, and she looked so stunning. Here's the lucky winner, and I found out that he actually goes to the same school as me. 

Espen is the biggest poser I know, haha! Funniest guy ever. We're actually going to London together soon, I can't wait! 

Here you can see a little sneak peek of the result of the photoshoot we did a few weeks back. This picture will hang in Specsavers stores nationwide, yay! 

After the finally party I really should've just gone home. But no, Espen and I ended up heading to 'Blå', and all I remember is me gangsta-dancing the night away in my high heels and Chanel, and seriously folks. I CAN'T DANCE!!! If you ever see me out dancing, for God's sake tell me to stop, haha. I also had long conversations with a bunch of taggers, and pretended to be an expert. I just remember be going on and on about what a fantastic art form it was, and that I would love to buy their work. Hahaha, I blame it all on free alcohol...

Even though it was one of the most fun nights, I'm SO glad that I'm spending this Saturday night with my family just chilling. What are you guys up to tonight?♥

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