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Hi loves! Are you guys ready for the weekend? The little cold I've had this week has escalated to a full-on flu, which sucks, especially now right before the weekend. I have to get well for tomorrow as I have the most fun night out with the girls planned! I've been sleeping all day, and I'm crossing my fingers that the fever will vanish over night. I just woke up from hours of sleep, and I've been drooling over new fall pieces at one of my favorite budget online stores; SheInside. So many pretty things, right? I love the colorful coats, they're such a fresh change from all the dark fall colors, and they can just as well be worn for spring and summer. And everything is so budget friendly!! Gotta love it..

Now my boyfriend and I are gonna order a pizza and have a little movie night :) I hope you've all had a great day♥♥

The Knit

You've seen peeks of this heavenly cardigan already, and some of you were curious about it, and wanted to see more of it. I know these pictures aren't great, we snapped them yesterday when I overslept and felt like shit, which isn't the best combination when it comes to blog pics. But at least you can see a bit more of it here. I seriously wear it 24/7 around the house, it's so soft and comfy!! A huge fall must have! I found it at H&M♥

It's a Good Day

Hi sunshines♥ My throat is still super sore, so this morning my coffee was replaced with hot chocolate. There's just nothing like a good cup of liquid chocolate, hah. Fresh flowers put a smile on my face this morning, and the newest edition of DetNye has kept me entertained. How incredibly gorgeous does my friend Gine Margrethe look on the cover? P-r-e-t-t-y!!! 

In addition to reading my fashion magazine, I've tried to get an overlook on everything I have coming up this fall this morning, and let me tell you.. I'm a bit worried!! Because of my blog I always get so many fun opportunities, and I've always used to say yes to everything that seems tempting. Now I think I need to learn the art of prioritizing, because I've said yes to so much this fall that I don't really see when I'll get time to study. The next month I have trips every week, and I just said yes to a huge and fun stylist job. I need to learn to say no!! Anyway, I'm just rambling.. I have to get to class, see you laters alligators♥

Yesterday's Look

Sweater: BikBok // Skirt: Zara // Bag: H&M // Booties: Notion 1.3

 Yesterday's look consisted of some new buys. The bag I've already shown you, the skirt is from Zara and the sweater must be the softest sweater I own!! I definitely need to get me another one in a different color, it's so comfy, fluffy and soft.

Guess who shot this look yesterday by the way? The super sweet blogger Julia, who also just started at BI. We have classes together twice a week, so we've planned to shoot each other's outfits and get lots of good blog material together after class every week. I can't wait to find cool locations and get creative with her, she's such a doll! Speaking of class, today the universe simply didn't want me to make it to mine. First I overslept with a whole hour. When I finally woke up, I realized my voice was gone and my throat was so sore. I had to go to class though, so I rushed out of bed, jumped into a random outfit and headed for the light rail train. First the train stopped for 15 minutes at a random stop, for no reason whatsoever. Then when it finally started going again, everyone suddenly had to get off the train due to a technical error. At that point Julia and I were way too late to make it, so we decided to go tomorrow instead. Bah, what a crappy start to the day! Now my cousin Fride just arrived though, and we're making hot chèvre salads (recipe here), so I think this evening is gonna be way better than my morning. 

 I hope you're all having a good one♥

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