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at carven S/S 2013

Ulrikke Lund Carven moteshow S/S 2013 Paris Ulrikke Lund Carven moteshow Paris Ulrikke Lund Carven catwalk Paris  Thanks to Fredrik for taking the photos, I was so flabbergasted watching the show. Carven is one of my new favorites, and when a magazine tried interviewing me after the show, all I could say was ?Loved it?, and run! Sometimes fashion, a specially shows and editorials, hits you kinda hard. There is so much in beetween what you see.  The more shows I go to, the less I care about the commersial fashion in store-fronts and magazines. It`s  kinda hard to notice, because I know what you as my readers like and want to see, and offcourse I care so much, but I guess you have to stay true to your own style no matter what. Looking back at 18 I was such a girly girl, and wanted to look ?attractive? or ?hot?, but now it`s like I couldn`t care less haha. I have much greater respect for the woman brands such as Carven designs for, feminin, fierce but fun!

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Du er virkelig fantastisk heldig som får oppleve alt dette! Det er mer enn mange bare kan drømme om, så vær takknemlig for at du er så utrolig nydelig, har en så fin jobb og får oppleve så mye fantastisk. Skulle virkelig vært deg for en dag, haha! You go girl, bloggen din er utrolig inspirerende <3
wow for et bra innlegg, inspirerende sagt!

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